Leatherup.ca order up!

I made that order for Leatherup.ca even though I couldn’t get a clear answer out of them about sizing on the jacket.  I was told by their ‘live’ support that the jacket measurements were the outside of the jacket – which I’ve never heard of before.  Why would I want to know what the outside dimensions of a jacket are?  It’s the inside dimensions that would fit me, why would I possibly care about the outside dimensions?

Anyway, based on the weird sizing I should be a small (I’m 6’3″, 220lbs, a 46 chest and a 40 waist).  My current jacket is an XL and the idea that I’d be a small seemed absurd.  I tried looking around for alternate size descriptions and found another on ebay.  That chart suggested I should be in a large, which still isn’t where I usually look for a jacket but isn’t as out of whack as a small or medium.

Inevitably, the large was too small.  I could get into it, and I think it would have fit without the liner but it ain’t no 42″ waist.  I’ve since sent it back for an XL safe in the knowledge that Leatherup.ca is very proud of their return policy.  Having said that, it cost me $22 to return it, so this jacket is already getting more expensive.

The good news is that the jacket was a quality piece with excellent stitching, heavy duty zippers and a nicely finished liner and details; it felt like a quality garment.  The helmet and gloves I got were both excellent.  The gloves have solid build quality with nice leather and stitching, and the helmet has also exceeded my expectations being light, comfortable and offering a lot of options for venting.  Both (gloves XL, helmet XXL) are perfect fits and follow normal sizing.

I’ll let you know how the return process goes with the jacket, I’m hoping it’s as effortless as they claim.  If you want to save some headaches in trying to figure out their strange jacket sizings just go with what you’d normally go with.  I get an XL jacket normally, I should have just trusted in that rather than the weird sizing charts.

update:  I’m a week into the exchange and Leatherup.ca has been completely radio silent – no ‘we’ve received your exchange’ email, no, ‘your exchange is in process email’, no, ‘your new jacket is on its way’ email.  After requesting information (twice), I’ve gotten no replies either.  Everything may be proceeding, but it’s like I sent that jacket back into a blackhole.  Between that and the lack of information on sizing that got me into an exchange situation in the first place, I’d have to say that Leatherup.ca isn’t very good at communicating.  Well priced quality gear?  Yep.  A smooth, customer orientated ordering process?  Not so much.

update again!  Leatherup suddenly woke up on Saturday.  I found a $600 motorcycle jacket at a garage sale for fifty bucks so I asked for a refund rather than an exchange on the returned cafe racer jacket and within ten minutes they’d ok’d the refund.

I’m happy with the kit I got, quality stuff at a good price, but their communications aren’t great.  I do a lot of ordering through work and the good companies (Amazon, Tigerdirect to name two) are constantly updating statuses and letting me know where they are in process.  This can be automated, so I hope Leatherup goes that route.  Having said all that, I’ll order from them again.