Thanks for Nothing Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show

On March Break this week my family is hanging out with my buddy’s family.  He has been riding for years but didn’t actually take his bike out at all last year.  He’s thinking about getting a new bike so I pull up the Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show online.  I tell him how much fun my son and I have had attending the mid-winter supershow and the manufacturer’s show this year.  I suggest we all go down, four professionals who earn over $300,000 a year between them and their three kids.

Special Guests?  Anything about motorcycles?
My wife has doubts, the ‘feel’ of motorcycle shows online isn’t always very friendly toward educated, professional women and she’s also had concerns about our son going – it doesn’t seem a very family friendly affair.  She pulls up the website to see what’s going on there and this is what comes up.
Guess what?  We’re not going to the Spring Motorcycle show.  My buddy with all that earning potential and a want for a new bike and his wife who is keen to adopt his old one but has no kit of her own aren’t going.  My wife, who I think I can convince to get on two wheels if I can Vespa her up, isn’t going and has had her suspicions confirmed yet again.  My son, who is on the verge of getting his first 50cc isn’t going, and my buddy’s kids, who are also two wheeled curious aren’t going.

The irony is everything else on the site is actually motorcycle related and would have had us there, but you had to lead with the playboy model and list all the motorcycle related people below as an afterthought.  Not cool.
If motorcycling in North America would just grow up it would have a chance of becoming more mainstream and less an excuse for creepy old men to act like adolescents.  I live in hope.