Mid-November Last Gasps

The Tiger’s still purring to the
edge of winter! 

Mid November and I’m still commuting in to work!  It was -2°C while riding past frost covered grass on the way in, but a comfortable 12°C and sunny on the way home.

I should be able to two wheel it in and back for the rest of the week, but come the weekend things take a turn for the worse.  If there’s salt down and icy roads this may finally be the end.  Still, riding from the end of March (it would have been sooner but for a carb-dead Concours) until Mid-November is no bad thing.

In a perfect world I’ll be back in the saddle in March some time, and might even steal a ride or two in between,weather permitting.  That’s four months of waiting… unless I can convince my lovely wife to let me get… THE VAN (it’s still for sale).  If that happened there’s no telling where we might get to over the cold months.

That don’t look good, but it was inevitable.

In the meantime, there was a super moon!

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