an immanent disruption

We're on the verge of a market change due to digital distribution, very similar to what happened in the music industry a decade ago. Just as music changed from a manufactured, industrial medium (CDs) to a digital, fluid medium (mp3s), text books (and books in general, but especially texts because…

back from the future

Ever wondered what it would be like to teach a class where all students have their own laptop? Anyone reading this has probably spend some time wondering what it would be like to have internet access and computers for all students. No digital divide...I'm just wrapping up a semester where…

April Ice in Ontario

Some moody and increasingly atmospheric and abstract media from the icy morning we're having here. Taken between 9 and 10am on Saturday, April 14, 2018. Using the OnePlus5 smartphone camera. Videos modded in Windows Movie Maker. GIFs made using the EZgif online tool:¬†¬†              …

Signs of Spring 2018

The weather is fairly crap, but there are signs of spring as the sun returns more and more each day.  All done with the Canon T6i.  Macros are done with the 18-35mm kit lens, the birds are using the 'kit' 55-250mm long lens.   from Blogger via IFTTT

Butterflies & Flowers

Macro shots of butterflies & flowers from our local butterfly conservatory.  A welcome break from the crippling cold of a Canadian winter.  All done with the Olympus PEN EPL5 micro four thirds digital camera, most using the stock lens. from Blogger via IFTTT