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Commuting on a Motorcycle

It isn't a giant commute - about a 15km round trip each day.  Our strangely summery autumn here in Ontario means I'm commuting on two wheels every day.  Over two weeks and ten commutes I've put over 150kms on the bike (I sometimes go the long way home).  What is…

Seven for Seven

Last week was a perfect 5 commutes on the bike.  This week I'm up to two already, though I got a bit wet on the way home. If the weather holds I'm aiming for three weeks with the car parked! from Blogger http://ift.tt/2jK81w3 via IFTTT

Management Expertise

WIRED: http://ift.tt/2rOSGKP This is a WIRED story about tech software startups in the Denver area.  In it a man who has an idea about buying insurance online has become a 'TECH CEO' even though he has no idea of what it is he is actually building.  With no background in technology…

River Ride

 Work has been picking up and I'm having trouble finding time for a ride.  After watching Dovi win Silverstone on PVR I jumped on the Tiger and went for a short ride down and up the Grand River.  I'd like to be able to go on longer rides, for days…