February 23rd: First Ride of 2020

The Weather Network suggested that we might get a break in the never ending snow and ice, and on the weekend of all times!

After a couple of days of near zero sun, Sunday hit the target with a 6°C high and lots of blue sky.  The last time on two wheels was November 26, 2019, so that’s 89 days of misery.  That should be the longest break as I’m likely to steal some more rides in the coming weeks.

Here are some photos from the ride using the Ricoh Theta V wrapped around the rear-view mirror.  Here’s the how-to on doing on-bike 360 photos.  I stopped to look at the bison since they were right by the fence…

Back home again I washed the salt and sand off and hibernated the Tiger again.  The new LED indicators work a treat.  The old Triumph fired up at the first touch of the button after a nearly three month hiatus.  The new front brakes were a little vague until they bedded in, then they felt as sharp as ever.  The chance to ride has me dreaming about making miles again soon.

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