Coventry Eagle


I was looking at the picture of Grand-dad Morris on his motorbike again this morning.  With a bit of digital wizardry I was able to get the name of the bike: A Coventry Eagle.



Fitted with a 250cc twin port villiers engine, back in 1933
 the bike cost £36.00 new. She still has her brass
 headlight & tail lights and brass horn.

I found this in a UK online classic bike sales site.  Looks like the same creature!

I wonder where Grandad’s bike went… it’s probably long gone.

Thirty six quid back in 1933 (about $3000 in modern Canadian, or what I purchased my Tiger for)!  That 247cc engine could push the bike up to sixty miles per hour.  I can imagine Bill thundering down winding Norfolk roads on that Eagle 

The West Runton Sea Road – one of my favorite places to go when I was a kid.