Tiger Tales in a Never Ending Winter

It’s been an icy, crappy spring, but it looks like the end is nigh!

Tiger tales on a wintery April Weekend.  Last year at this time  Max and I were out doing a 300km+ run to Blue Mountain in some fresh Ontario spring air.  It was cold, and even flurried in places, but it was doable on dry roads with winter well behind us.

After another round of freezing rain last night we were up to ten degrees today.  Over the next few days it looks like riding season will start officially.  The Tiger is at my local mechanic getting saftied.  I should be on the road and ready to go by Wednesday, the day everything starts to get better.  In the meantime, while waiting for the ice age to end, I’ve been playing with some digital imaging:

Tigertester by timking17 on Sketchfab – a 3d model of the Tiger

Soon enough I’ll be able to stop looking at it and starting to ride it!

Variations on a garage photo:




3d printed Triumph logo
I backed the Tiger out while trying to get the carbs sorted on the Concours – 2 hours later is was a white out out here.










3d printed Triumph logo


Triumph logo 3d printed


Dremel 3d printer doing the business
I scanned the Tiger with a Structure Sensor and then printed the 3d model on the Dremel 3d printer – not just a model of a bike, but an exact scale model of my bike!