Retro Moto Wish-List

Some retro-moto bits that I’ve come across that sparked the I want urge…

Austin Vince Custom Vintage Overalls!
Custom made by the man himself!  Vintage overalls in the colours of your choice.  I’m thinking blue with red and white stripes


Bell Bullitt Retro-modern Helmet
If you’ve seen Rush then you know the look, and this modern remake of the classic Bell helmet catches it.





100mph t-shirt ‘ton-tee’
Triumph looking logo but advertising the ton instead of a specific company… nice!



Vintage Race Fairing
I might be doing this a bit backwards, but I love old race faired bikes.  A 1970s Honda CB750 would get turned into a race replica and make an ideal vintage racing machine.  It all starts with a fairing!

~$200 (fairing)

Spartan Leather Vintage Race Suit

A tailored suit with race quality materials and armour.  As they say, less ‘Ricky Racer’ than your typical TRON styled current racing suits.  

$950+$260 in armour upgrades



I’m enjoying my current Kawi garage a great deal.  Fixing up the Concours and riding the Ninja is a good time, but I suppose we’re all rooted in the aesthetics of our youth.  As a child growing up in rural England watching the height of the British motorcycle industry roll by in the early nineteen seventies, I tend to return to that look and the associated nostalgia.