A Ride Stolen From Winter

February isn’t a giving month for motorcyclists in Canada.  Last year, with the twenty three year old Kawasaki in pieces, I was unable to get the thing out on the warm weekend we had in December, and couldn’t even get it going when the snow finally cleared in March.

Since the Tiger was only getting regular maintenance done, it was turn-key ready when we suddenly had a warm break in February.  With snow melt running across the road and the temperature a heady 7°C, I enjoyed a foggy ride in to work, and a slightly warmer ride the long way around home in the afternoon:

Music by Shannon Rose & The Thorns: Seasons is a brilliant album, you should get it!
Once home I power washed the sand and salt off the Tiger and parked it up again.  A single day on the bike blew off the cobwebs and renewed the promise of things to come.

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Dreamtime Begins


You tend to see a lot more Photoshop post
production during Dreamtime.

The end of riding season means it’s the beginning of Dreamtime.  I shift from what I’m doing on a motorcycle to what I wish I were doing but can’t.  Things get fictional and funky.  Instead of generating footage and photography I’m looking over what I got from the past season and wondering about what I’d like to do in the next one.  If I lived further south I’d keep stealing rides when I could get them.  If  I lived somewhere where feet of snow don’t regularly happen I’d brave the ‘winter’ (what we’d call fall).

I also find I have time to fettle instead of ride so the Concours ZG1000 Fury project will finally start moving at a steady pace.  My goal is to have both bikes on the road in the spring.

It’s difficult not to wish for riding season to return but there is value in this change of season, I just need to change my mind.

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