We Live in the Future! Motorcycle Gadgetry

This nice bit of graphic design caught my eye.  The Tomtom GPS system is uniquely suited to motorcycling.  It’s waterproof, bar mounted and offers some smart software that is motorbiking specific – like find the windiest route between here and there.

A weatherproof GPS that could be easily accessed with a gloved hand while on the bike is a prudent safety decision.  Instead of trying to look at maps on the tankbag I could be using the corner of my eye to follow a route.  I’m a fan! 

As if the Tomtom wasn’t enough, I then came across the 360Fly.  I’ve been GoPro fixated since they first came out, and tried other action cameras, but this is something else.

The 360Fly isn’t just an action camera, it’s an immersive video recorder, making 360° video that you can pan through as you watch it.  There is no cropping with this camera, it’s like you can turn your head within the recording!  The video becomes a complete record of what happens instead of just what the camera is pointed at.

I can’t wait to try this on a motorcycle!