DIY Garage Expansion Plans

I’ve always been tight for space in the the < 1 car garage I’ve currently converted into a bike hole:

It’s a good size as a workshop, but when I’m trying to store two bikes in there it gets awkward.  The easiest fix would be some alternative storage for bikes.   Using shipping containers to build a garage is a thing.  There is a company nearby that sells them, though the prices aren’t public.  They seem to go for two to four grand, which seems a lot for a metal box, but I’ve heard lower prices about.

A ten foot container next to the garage would look something like this:

With some driveway expansion and levelling I could connect it through the currently useless back door while making it a drive out storage shed.  With the garage no longer having to hold bikes it could become what it’s a great size for:  a workshop.

Another alternative is to just build an extension off the side of the existing garage wall:

The long, cold Canadian winter has me thinking about ways to make my limited space more usable.

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