Chasing Virginia Waterfalls

My cousin in law shared this and I thought it would make for a nice, twisty ride.  It got to double digits yesterday and my throttle hand is getting itchy event though we’re still knee deep in snow.

It’s a 271 mile ride through the Virginia Appalachian Mountains connecting nine waterfalls.  It might be a bit much to try and manage in a day, but over a couple of days it’d be a two nearly 300km days of twisty road riding with a lot of waterfall watching in between.  If two days of mountain roads and waterfalls don’t cure what ails you, nothing will.

I’d previously thought about doing a ride down the Appalachians to Deal’s Gap as the full solar eclipse is passing over there in mid-August this year.  This is about two thirds of the way down from Ontario.  It’d make a nice break from the drive back north to spend a couple of days chasing waterfalls along winding mountain roads.

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