Box Hill On a Sunny Sunday Morning

If you’re ever in the southern end of the London suburbs, Box Hill is a local meeting place for motorcyclists.  On the sunny, August, Sunday morning I was there it was already busy at 9am and had thousands pass by over the day.  If you get a chance to go see it you’ll get a good sense of just how diverse and how different UK motorcycling culture is from North American cruiser biased riding culture.  It’s little wonder that there are multiple British riders in MotoGP, but North Americans are thin on the ground.

From 50cc classics to 2300cc modern monster bikes, Box Hill had it all on a Sunday morning.  It’s a strange thing seeing British imagery substituted for the Stars and Stripes when you’re used to seeing Americana everywhere.

Inside Ryka’s, the restaurant/coffee shop in the parking lot at Box Hill, there is a lot of British motorcycling memorabilia.

My cousin Jeff (who has done hundreds of thousands of miles on two wheels) looking over his dream machine.

On the back of one old timer’s jacket – what you’d expect to find in the UK.

Lots of customization on hand.  UK riders seem particularly drawn to farkling their bikes.

A local dealer on hand to show of the latest Hondas.

A hand stitched webby seat on a very customized machine.

Just in case you felt your Triumph wasn’t British enough.

There were more Indians than Harleys in the lot.

Well marked territory.

The lot was already over half full when we got there and just got busier and busier by the time we left just past 10am.

Lots of Triumph on display.

After weeks only glimpsing motorcycles on the road, this was a good fill up.  I only wish I’d had the Tiger there – it would have been the only 955i Tiger in the lot.

Tim’s happy bike face.

They ride everything, but if there is a single type of bike that typifies the British biker, it’s still the sports bike, at least on Box Hill.

A small contingent of what would be the dominant form of riding in North America proudly showing of patches with such wisdom as ‘loud pipes save lives’.

An hour of wandering around was nice, but when you show up in shorts and get out of a car you’re only half there.  I never missed the Tiger more than that morning at Box Hill.
What do you do after you’ve gone up to Box Hill, had breakfast at Ryka’s and chatted with other riders?  You open it up going down the hill like this guy did.

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