Iceland Travel Photography

From a ten day stay over in Iceland on our way to the UK this past summer (July, 2017).  We travelled for three days around the south east travelling as far as Vik and then did a week with family friends up and over the north coast to Akureyri and beyond and then back to Reykjavik.  All in all it was well over 2500kms in ten days.

Photos shot with the shiny new Canon T6i Rebel with a variety of lenses.  360 photos done with a Ricoh Theta.  The full album is here.

The black sands of Vik.

A sea of puffins.



The mid-Atlantic ridge.  Þingvellir, the viking parliament.
Viking Rafting on a glacial river (taken with a little, old waterproof Fuji camera that died shortly thereafter due to the incredibly cold water).

12:35am (half an hour after mid-night – this was as dark as it ever got)


Climbing Hverfjall

Reykjavik street art

Humpbacks in the Arctic Circle by Húsavík


Þjóðgarðurinn Snæfellsjökull

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