9 Days in March: Exploring The Ozarks

Next week is on or about freezing up here in the never ending winter.  Friday is looking like it might be a possibility with a current suggestion of seven degrees Celsius.  I can handle seven degrees.

In a more perfect world I’d be heading out of work today, jumping in the van and driving south to where things get yellow and orange on the map.

If I was on the road by 3:30pm, I think I could manage the eleven hour drive to St Louis by just past 2am.  I’d park up the van and have a sleep and aim for a morning departure from St Louis aiming South West into the Ozarks.

Seven days of following the twisting roads of the Ozarks would make for a brilliant March Break.  I’d aim to get back up to the hotel in St. Louis the next Saturday and spend one more night there before making the drive back into the frozen north on the Sunday before we’re back at work again.  A day of driving, 7 days on the bike, a day driving back.

Yes, please!

Them’s some nice March temperatures, especially compared to ours…

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