2019’s First Ride

I’ve been able to steal a ride from winter the past couple of years, but not this one.  It’s been dangerously cold and snowy throughout.  I was finally able to steal one at the end of March Break for half an hour up and down next to the Grand River (which was full of ice chunks and very swollen).

The Tiger was resplendent with its new engine guard and fired up at the touch of the button after its long winter hibernation.  The last time it was out was mid-November, so this year was actually a 4+ month hibernation.  Newly lubed cables and well sorted details meant it felt smooth and responsive after so long in the garage.  Do I ever miss the power to weight ratio of a bike when I can’t ride.  Slicing through air barely above freezing was bracing, and as I crossed to the north side of the river I came upon a bison farm.

Any exposed skin would have been feeling double digit frostbite, and even mummified it cut like a knife.  I didn’t complete my usual loop over the covered bridge, but even half an hour out on two wheels cleared away a lot of cobwebs.

It’s still snowing as much as it is anything else, but temperatures are climbing over zero with more regularity.  With any luck rides will soon become commonplace.


360° on-bike photos are back!

Frostbite has never made me so happy – the look on my face after the first ride of the year, no matter what the temperature.

Crazy like a fox!

Spring riding in Canada… next to a six foot tall snowbank.

Wait a minute, those aren’t cows!

I turned around and went back for some closer shots.   Bisons!  In Ontario!

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