A Nice Way to Turn 50…

Thanks to the Ontario Government ignoring the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and illegally forcing a contract on us, I had my 50th birthday off.  I had an entire year of saved up sick days stripped away, but hey, I got a day off for it.  So much for Charter rights.

I figured the Forks of the Credit would be silly over the long weekend, so I thought I’d head over there on the Friday afternoon.  Still lots of people about, but I got to have a couple of clean runs up and down the twisty bits where I wasn’t on the bumper of a duffer in a cage.  I’m not leaving rubber doing this, and I’m usually within 10km/hr of the limit, but cars through this twisty, technical road are a bit of a disaster.  It was nice to get a couple of runs without worrying about the processing capacity of the driver in front of me.

Photos are taken with a Ricoh Theta V on a custom built mount attached to the wing mirror.  Screen captured in the Ricoh software and modified in Adobe Lightroom:

The switchbacks at The Forks…

The little guy on the side of the road said, ‘woah!!!” so loud I could here him on the bike.  🙂

Always look where you want to go – sometimes that’s over your shoulder!

In the moment on one of the frew curves between me at the Niagara Escarpment.  If I lived in California I would be a regular canyon carver on the weekends.

Beautiful weather, minimal traffic and a frisky Tiger.  It was a good 50th birthday ride.

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