Finally Putting The Ninja To Bed

That’s one clean Ninja! And the water isn’t solid outside today.

We got swamped with snow and very cold weather early this year, but we’re enjoying a thaw now.  It’s finally given me the chance to clean up the Ninja and put it to bed for the winter.  I fear I’ve been neglecting the Ninja while the Concours demands attention, but leaving it goopy over the cold months wouldn’t do it any good, and it really cleans up pretty.

Once I get a bead on the oil cooler situation, I’m hoping to get the Concours back in shape and then begin working on the fairings and paint.

I picked up a metal, vintage Triumph sign for the garage.

After a wash and some lubrication, the Ninja’s ready for bed.

Meanwhile the Concours is still oil cooler-less.  I’m waiting to
see if our machine shop teacher can seal the crack in the banjo bolt housing.