Variations on a Theme

I’ve been playing with the idea of branding the garage.  Cafe Racer TV plays this card all the time, so why not?  I could totally pull off KingMoto, or Timoto, or I could name it after my son and go with MaxMoto!

In launching a school motorcycle club I put together some basic graphics for it and it got me creating variations (who said that time in art college was wasted?).  Here are some of them (made in photoshop):

The one for school (Centre Wellington DHS): a fairly nondescript naked bike,
I liked the idea of integrating the wheels into moto…
Dug up a pic of my grand-dad’s bike for this one… 

Just swapped out text for this one, easy to do in layers on photoshop

A bit more graphics work on the Royal Enfield used in this one
With Ninja – nice to have my current bike in there.

Variation on the Ninja theme

All the fonts I used are freely available online.  The CW fonts are New Motor (the modernist font used in moto) and Rugged Ride (the tire font in the background CW). The jagged looking font in Tim Moto is My Underwood, modelled after the classic typewriter.

A tire track’s a tire track, I couldn’t find any bike specific ones, but this one is a nice piece of work.
Nice modernist font with a bit of motoriness in it!

Another motorbike related font I found was Yamamoto

Nice font, couldn’t find a place for it but I’m keeping it on file

Even if you only have a word processor (Openoffice is a great free one), you can throw together a decent looking logo using these fonts.  If you want to get fancier with the graphics it wouldn’t take you long to get handy with a graphics editor and layer in something interesting.  Finding clean side shots of motorcycles is easy on Google.  If you’ve never used one before, The Gimp is free and quite intuitive to use.

If any moto-inspired types are interested in messing around with logos contact me through Twitter or Google+.  I’d be happy to cobble something together for you.