Motorcycle Media

I’ve been perusing the youtubes for motorcycle related videos and came across a couple of humdingers.  The first is BLAZER, a short (16mins) motorcycle mood piece based on a quote from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.  If you’ve got the patience for it, Blazer builds from a joyous ride in the country to that moment we’ve all experienced where the machine you love becomes your worst enemy.  The conversation between the biker and his old Triumph is one anyone with an older and/or dodgy vehicle has had.

Don’t be internet impatient and you’ll enjoy where this goes.  The production values are excellent.

The second is another atmospheric piece (I’m a media arts teacher, what can I say?  I love moody artsie shorts!)   This one is about a bike mechanic in London (UK).  It follows not only his work but his ethos.  This piece not only follows the art of the mechanic, but it also follows the art of the craftsman.  Once again, if you’re an internet twitch addict you’ll find this long and boring, but if you can lose yourself in a narrative, this one is lovely.

video missing (and since I didn’t title this years ago, I can’t find another link now 🙁

The next is another fantastic video production that catches the raw, wild feeling of riding.  Cafe bike based and focused on friends completing a bike journey together, the video uses strong visual editing and audio to put you into their saddles.

This video uses music as effectively as BLAZER to put you into a motorcycle riding frame of mind.

If you’re looking for a more documentary approach, the Classic Motorcycles documentary series will give you an accessible review of the beginnings of such classic British marquees as Ariel.

(edit:  not sure if this is that – no specific title so again I’m flying blind)

Open these up in the full youtube window and you’ll get suggestions down the right side about similar videos.  You’ll discover a wealth of motor cycle culture well beyond the frantic, herd minded focus on current motorcycle news.