The State of Educational Hashtags, FEB 2012

I’ve become quite habitual in my use of hashtags, and haven’t really been exploring the edges.  At conferences I’m diligent about following and using the correct hastag, but when it comes to topic specific ideas, I tend to resort to the basics (#edchat #edtech).

I thought it time to look into the current state of edu-hashtags and try and dig up some new resources for them.

An interesting post on the reach of various Education hashtags.  Personal favs from those lists:  #edchat #edtech

Twitter U: lists of Education hashtags with explanations.  Hashtags of interest:

  • #TUfuture: future trends… sounds interesting (and up my alley)
  • #TUtin: tech integration in specific teaching areas
  • #mlearning: mobile learning using mobile tech
  • #vitalcpd: effective use of tech in the classroom
  • #elearning: dedicated to… fish!  No, just kidding, it’s about elearning
Hashonomy: the science of hashtags (in beta right now).

Some Canadian specific hashtags… #cdned: general Canadian education tag.  There are some BC ones that I don’t follow too much, such as #bced, though I should.

Anyone got any Ontario educational hashtags or other Canadian specific ones?  Not that I get that wound up about geographically specific tags – they tend to not get the point of the internet (common interests matter more that geographical proximity).

Reply with any I missed!  I want to poach your hashtag knowhow!