A New Roof

My favorite helmet company has come out with a new evolution of their unique helmet.  Lots of companies make a lifting visor helmet but what they don’t tell you is that your swinging chin guard doesn’t pass any safety standards; most of those modular motorcycle helmets only pass open face testing (as though there were no chin guard at all).  The Roof passes stringent safety tests as both an open AND closed face helmet making it a rarity in convertible lids.

I’ve been the happy owner of a Desmo for over a year now and it has surpassed expectations.  It’s much better than any other helmet I’ve tried at handling turbulence in a straight-line and especially when you turn your head (it barely registers side winds at all).  It’s as quiet as most closed faced helmets but can also be opened up when not travelling at high speed.  The visor lets you go from open face to jet to fully closed a second, one handed.

Roof has updated the Desmo to the RO32 Desmo with a variety of updates and improvements.  If I can find a retailer I’m in for the upgrade.

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