Really Annoying: Talent Show – Funny 2017 Kia Forte TV Commercial

I’d describe this as not funny at all.  This ad is all over TV at the moment and it makes me grind my teeth every time I see it.  KIA isn’t the only company pushing the “don’t worry if you’re useless, we’ve made a car that puts you on the road anyway!” sub-text.

From a motorcyclist’s perspective, especially one in you-can’t-lane-split Ontario where I’m expected to wait in a lane as clueless drivers imagining they are on reality TV approach me at killing speed from behind, do these systems work on something as small as a motorbike?  This article by Consumer Reports suggests that pedestrian aware systems are distinct from vehicle aware systems.  “…Some newer systems can also detect bicyclists.”  That’s heart warming.

How long will it be before people, already willing to take my life in their incompetent hands while they take selfies and answer texts that just can’t wait, figure that they don’t need to be competent at driving at all?  We’re already close.

I haven’t seen anything in motorcycle media about this, but this is turning into a life or death situation for people on two wheels.  Someone with more resources than I needs to see just how big the blind spots are on these systems and then tell motorcyclists how best to be seen by them.  Our lives increasingly depend on it.

“Motorcycles are the biggest problem, with systems detecting them a full 26% later than other vehicle types, and this with motorcycles already being the hardest motor vehicles on the road to see…”

from Blogger