Mechanical Satisfaction

The Concours carburetors weren’t snapping back when I released the throttle. Everything worked, but they wouldn’t close on their own as they should. I removed the carbs, reset the butterflies so they all closed properly and replaced a bent spring. With everything lubed up and working freely, I reinstalled the carbs and ran the throttle cables over and along the top of the frame rather than around the side, trying to have the throttle cables address the carbs as perpendicularly as possible.  With the cables properly tightened, the carbs snap shut when the throttle is released as they should.

My to-do list on the Concours is down to a rebuild of the master break cylinder.  The part isn’t expensive.  I’d purchased a set and did it on the Yamaha XS1100 I had before, so the Concours should be pretty straightforward.
I also have to sort out a rear light and body panels for the back end.  I’d asked if they could be done at school in the metal shop, but asking for work to get done there seems to result in it disappearing down a hole.  I’d rather do the work myself anyway.  The plan is to form the panels for the back end and find a rear brake light with indicators built in and wire it in to the back end.

The last job is going to be reworking the radiator reservoir to somewhere around the battery box.  With that done, in theory, the Connie will be ready to begin test riding the kinks out.

Follow-up:  rear brake lights were found on ebay – let’s hope they arrive this time.

If they do then ebay is a more dependable shipper than the Amazon Marketplace, which seems pretty bizarre, but there you are.

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