3d Modelling & Imaging

Through work I’ve done a fair bit of 3d modelling and imaging.  A cheap and easy to use 3d scanner is the Structure Sensor, a laser scanner that clips on to an ipad and quickly builds a 3d model by painting it with a distance sensing laser.  It takes the distances and builds up a model of polygons from the location data.  

Using that process I’ve rendered 3d models as well as 2d images of them.  I use Sketchfab to upload 3d models to the web to share them.  2d images are typically screen captures of the 3d models either off the ipad after the Structure Sensor scan or out of Sketchfab after they’ve been uploaded.

Here are some examples:

This is a 3d print of the Tigertester model above.
These black and white images are off the Structure Sensor software on the ipad (in xray mode).

You can skin the image to give it colour, this is an example of the skin that would go over the wire frame model to render it in full colour.


3d modelling & graphic design work on motorcycles.
3d modelling & graphic design in the classroom.

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