Love It When They Do This


This popped up on my Facebook feed.  I actually contacted the local dealer about this one last year and asked if he’d consider $6500 – he couldn’t be bothered to email me back even to barter; love that arrogance.

This is a first gen Concours C14 with almost 60,000 kms on it.  I ended up picking up a second gen C14 that was two years newer with half the kilometers on it for $5500.  I had to put a bit of time in on it sorting out the electric windscreen, a clutch gasket and picking it up and safetying it.  $5500 for the bike, $120 for the rental van to get it, $20 in parts (from Two Wheel!) and $90 to get it safetied with a $715 tax bill still had it all costing me less than $6500 on the road.  Thanks to that price they’ll be looking at over $300 more just in taxes for the lucky new owner.

Even with my fancy German windshield and American saddle I’m still coming out ahead.  Prefer the colour on mine too.

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