Finding Mountains

Way back in the late 70’s we were new immigrants living in Montreal. We got a handle on our new land by camping, a lot. One of the most memorable trips we took was down into the Adirondacks in the spring, where we camped in the mountains. It was the first time I saw a rainbow trout; North American animals are so exotic!

I’d love to spend some time on two wheels somewhere nearby and mountainous, and the Adirondacks have a fond child-hood glow to them. I can access the back side of the Appalachians below the Adirondacks just a day’s ride south east of me.

Below are some variations on trips I might take in the future.

Two Nights with a loop (minimal luggage/lighter bike)

290kms mountain loop:
Night 2:  back to Microtel, Mansfield  

Longer Trip…