Concours Carburetors: Prepping for rebuild

There are three rails holding the four carbs together on a Kawasaki ZG1000 Concours.  Two of them are structural and the other one holds the choke mechanism in place.  Taking them off a twenty two year old carburetor can be trying.  I ended up having to cut a line in one of the retaining bolts and put some heat on it to get it to let go, but all three pieces are out now.

With the four carbs separated I’m now waiting on the rebuild kits.  When they arrive I’ll rebuild each carb one at a time (so I don’t mix up parts).  All four carbs are cleaned up (a touch of carb cleaner and a toothbrush got 22 years of grime off) and awaiting some new gaskets, float adjusting and rebuilding.  While in there I’ll make sure the needles are in good shape and everything has the right geometry.

The first one will be exploratory and slow, by the fourth one I’ll be able to rebuild these things in my sleep!

The four carbs separated and cleaned.   Taking a twenty two year old carb apart takes some patience, and some heat.

Cleaned up and ready for a rebuild.
No lost parts this time – everything labelled and organized.
The choke rod (up and down to the right) partially removed – each carb
links to this plate which moves them all when the choke is pulled.

It only takes a bit of carb cleaner and a tooth brush to get the crud off. I blew it dry with the air line afterwards.
Caustic carb cleaner (it melted two pairs of latex gloves – for goodness sake, wear gloves!) isn’t recommended on the insides
– I’ll use a bit of gas and a clean toothbrush to make sure the innards are perfect when I get in there.

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