The Toronto Motorcycle Show 2016

A 10°C day meant a number of people stole a ride over to the
show… in February!

Despite a rather miserable experience at the ‘Supershow’ in January, I went to the Toronto Motorcycle Show yesterday and it reminded me why this is my favourite show.

After NOT having to line up for ten minutes just to get into the parking lot, and NOT having to line up for forty minutes to get tickets, and NOT having to line up for another half an hour to get in the door, we immediately found ourselves on the show floor sitting on bikes and chatting with people.

When you’re done,
you’re downtown!

Yes you have to pay for parking, but the ticket prices are similar and you can buy them online without worrying about having your information stolen.  There are still deals available at this show on accessories, but the real focus of this one are the manufacturers themselves.  Everyone attends this event (unlike the Harley/Kawasaki only ‘Super’ show).  I got to sit on Ducatis, Indians and Triumphs, as well as every other major manufacturer.  And when you’re done you’re downtown in Toronto.  We met up with family, had dinner and went to the Aquarium after.  When you wander out into the airport/industrial wasteland around the International Centre all you want to do is get as far away as possible.

Inside, the show itself is laid out well with wide aisles so you aren’t waiting for clumps of people to filter through (the line ups never ended in January!).  With that many manufacturers on display you get to see a broad range of machines and talk to people from all brands.

This is the kind of professionally run show I’m not embarrassed to bring my wife to.  I’ll be back next year.  This one is a keeper.

This is the show to sit on a Triumph!  The new Bonneville T120 in this case.

Kawasaki had the H2 and the H2R on display!
… and the Anniversary Ninja.
Number one of thirty!

How do you get my wife, a non-rider with a Master’s degree out to look at bikes?
Put on a professional show like the Toronto Motorcycle Show!
Bimmer browsing.  Like Harley, BMW know how to put on a show.
The Africa Twin… finally!  Nowhere to be seen in January, but on display at the Honda stand here (it’s surprisingly tall).

The bike she adores: the Indian Scout.

The difference between Dani Pedrosa and I on a Honda race bike?  He doesn’t look like a circus bear on a trike.

Once again, the bat-bike like Honda NM4 was Max’s dream machine.

The show is on again today – if you’re in the GTA on this Sunday afternoon wondering what to do, a trip down to the CNE for the Toronto Bike Show is a good idea.