Pretty Calipers

The brake caliper rebuild moved into the ‘nerd-lab’ downstairs where my son does his lego and I usually focus more on digital tech.  With Why We Ride playing on the projector I got to enjoy HEAT while I rebuilt the rear caliper.

The only time I had to go out to the garage was to blow out the caliper pistons with compressed air, otherwise it was some light bench work while watching a very pretty film.

I’m still monkeying around with 3d modelling tools.  I’m trying different resolution settings on the Structure Sensor.  I also tried using itseez3d instead of the factory software.  It made for an interesting variation (itseez3d uses the ipad camera to take a lot of texture photos which it mixes into the model).

It only took me a couple of hours to sort out the fronts and have everything looking sharp.  Blowing out the pistons was a bit trickier as there are two on the front and the smaller one (less surface area) didn’t come right out with the air.  I’m worried that I scored them too much removing them.  I guess I’ll see when I put them all back on the bike.

The front calipers are cleaned up and blown apart, waiting for their rebuilds, probably later this week.
3d model of the rear caliper reassembled.
Compared to the rusty lump it was before, it’s night and day.  I can’t wait to feel the change.
The rusty, pockmarked disk bolts got dremelled clean and repainted too.