Project Bikes

I got a couple of nibbles on Kijiji from my ‘got an old bike in your shed you want to get rid of?” ad…

1979 Suzuki GS850, not running, asking $500


A review on this specific bike from the UK shows a lot of love for it.

Here is a history of the GS850 series of bikes from Suzuki.  It’s a touring bike and weighs in at around 600lbs.  With a shaft drive and that weight it isn’t exactly ideal as a cafe racer rebuild.  It is however air cooled and those pipes are lovely. Something other than a cafe racer could be

the goal.  This military style build is interesting.

As a bobber style bike with a saddle, the GS850 has some potential!



1986 Honda Shadow 1100cc, no info given, asking $500

Another big cruiser (many people seem to have these old lumps lying around).  Shaft drive, massive motor, covered in things.  Everything I don’t like in a motorcycle.



If these get customized, it seems to be along chopper lines.  I think I’m holding out for something a bit less, um, big.