650cc Air Cooled Triumph Bonneville Exhaust and Seat Options

More 1971 Triumph Bonneville restoration project research (all prices courtesy of BritCycle):

High pipes:

721-T74X exhaust pipes – $304.51/pair.
711-709669/9670 mufflers – $486.00/pair.
2x 742-158 clamps – $16.61 ea.
70-9673 “H” connector – $72.28.
2x 742-112 clamps – $16.61 ea.

TOTAL:  $930

Plus associated bracketry and hardware, etc if needed. The one item we’ll have difficulty sourcing will be the ‘chip basket’ heatshield; our manufacturer of those long since retired.

Looking like Steve McQueen on a scrambler styled Bonneville costs extra!  Britcycle said they might have some scratched and dented options on sale, but those aren’t regular stock (obviously).

Stock(ish) exhaust system:

721-T79 exhaust pipes – $289.02/pair.
712-102 Dunstall decibel replica mufflers – $330.32/pair.
70-9888 balance tube – $29.09.
2x 742-138 clamps – $16.61 ea.
TOTAL:  $683

What I’d really like to do is form my own pipes, but I don’t have the space, equipment or time to do that.  For this project I think I’ll use it as a learning process and get this particular Bonneville cleaned up and mechanically sorted and leave the radical customizations to a future time when I’m loaded, have lots of free time and a much bigger workshop with a full range of tooling in it.

I think stock is the way I’ll go on exhausts…

As far as seats go, BritCycle has just the sort of thing I’m looking for: 

The only thing that might knock it out of contention is if, price and fit-wise, Corbin’s customizable seat is in the ballpark.  It says they might fit a ’71 but they’re mainly for ’72 Triumph twins and up.

Quality (made in England) newly manufactured seats specific to the oil in frame 650 twins run at about $500US ($612CAD) – I’m not sure what Britcycle’s go for.  The customizable (and probably higher quality) Corbin is $618US ($788CAD).  There are cheaper options manufactured in India & China to less exacting standards to consider too.  I’ll be keeping that all in mind as I juggle seat options and make a decision.

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