Moto-Crafting: Motorcycle Helmet Art

It’s so stupidly hot out that even working the garage on the Bonneville is making me drip, so I’m back inside doing motorcycle crafting instead.

I got an LS2 Spitfire helmet last year and always figured I’d do something artistic on it (it’s flat black and I’m not into the angry pirate look that seems to inspire so many ‘bikers‘). Since it’s black, I was initially thinking about a lightning pattern over the black using metallic paints. I saw an exceptional lighting storm a couple of years ago that provided the inspiration. On in particular I’ve always wanted to immortalize: the lightning dragon!

I’d need to get some metallic purple to make that happen.

In the meantime I’m still partial to the art-deco art in the Rudge Book of the Road.  So I pulled the graphic out, cleaned it up and made a stencil to get the dimensions right on the curved side of the helmet.

I used a silver sharpie making dots around the edge and then painted connect the dots with chrome-silver metallic modelling paint…

The Concours makes riding with an open faced helmet less bug-crashy thanks to the transformable windshield, so I’ll give this a whirl next week.  If anyone in Ontario recognizes it for what it is, I’ll be amazed.

Rudge art-deco graphic design is still alive in 2022!   Rudge Book of the Road, well worth a read!

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