Your Tech Cloud

I’m trying out some introductory ideas for computer studies in the Fall…

Your tech cloud is the digital equivalent of ‘who are you wearing?’ on the red carpet at the Oscars, except for geeks.  And like high fashion, we fetishize the the personal electronics we surround ourselves with, identify with them, identify ourselves through them.  Your digital persona is an increasingly important means of self expression.  The tools you use to create your digital self have a lot to do with how you present yourself.

From a meta-cognitive point of view, this might be a handy way to start a discussion, do a tech-introduction and get to know my classes of computer-interested students.  Having said that, it would work in any class where you’re considering media or technology and how we use it to express ourselves.

HERE is my tech cloud:

The (4yr) old laptop, the Rogers trapped smartphone situation, the even older (5 yrs old) desktop.  I’ve got kit, but it isn’t what I wish I had.  About the only things I’d keep are my awesome new Olympus EPL-3 (though I desperately need to lens up), and the brilliant HAF case (which I’d gut and put a new i7 system in).  I’m hooked on Androids though, and after trying ipads and Android tablets, I think I’d just give the whole tablet thing a pass and get a phablet.  A phone/tablet combo is as far as I’m willing to go with tablets.


If I had the means, I’d get the ultrabook I think is so pretty it works in a high fashion shoot (and has a battery that lasts me all day at a conference), lens up the Olympus, and drop the tablets and the string of broken Rogers Sony phones, and the lousy service.  I’d then phablet up with the Samsung Galaxy Note with Telus.  The desktop would get a much needed upgrade from the old AMD to an i7 Intel system with a spanking new video card and SSD.  The whole thing would be a quad-booting monster, getting me into Win7, Win8 beta, Linux and OSx all on the same machine.  I’d want my tech cloud to demonstrate my Jedi tech skills!

Feel free to grab the blank tech cloud prezi and make a copy.  Show what you’ve got and what you wish you had!

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