Road Trip Insanity

Over thirteen hundred kilometres in two days? Bring the pain!

I’m still looking for a DRZ-400.  I just found one way up in Thunder Bay.  Here’s a stupid but interesting idea:  fly up Friday, pick up the bike Saturday morning and ride it home by Sunday night.

Leave Saturday morning from Thunder Bay and trace the north shore of Gitchegumee to Sault Ste. Marie where I’d overnight Saturday after my first nearly 700km day.

Sunday morning would have me up early to tackle the final 650kms home.  At least I’d be able to pass out on the ferry from Manitoulin to Tobermory.

Insane?  Probably, especially on a 400cc dual sport bike mainly designed for the dirt, but that’s also what would make it interesting.

Pearson to Thunder Bay late on a Friday night, about three hundred bucks

It’s nearly June and they are still below zero overnight in Thunder Bay, so it’d be a bag of layers I’d be bringing up with me.  The riding temperature range may go from around zero all the way up into the thirties, so flexibility is key!  A water proof duffel bag for the back of the bike would work as carry on luggage and a universal way to carry gear on the bike.

In that bag I’d chuck a helmet and goggles, a face scarf, motorcycle jacket, pants and rain gear.  I’d wear bike boots onto the plane.  Repair wise I’d bring a mini tool kit and some chain lube.  Clothing would have to be everything from polar fleece to thin cotton to cover the possible temperatures.

A nice, clean, low km bike ready for an insane trip home?

It’s buying an unknown bike from a stranger, though this particular one is low kms and looks very well looked after.  There are things I could do to ensure the bike is ready to go.  With some emails between the seller I think I could convince them to prep the bike for the trip as part of the purchase price.  I’m not sure about the legal requirements but if they safety it and scan it to me I could appear up there with plates, ownership and insurance ready to go.

So what would this buy-a-bike-instant-road-trip insanity cost?  They are asking $3500 for this ’07 Suzuki with 14,000kms on it.  I’d be ok with the asking price if it includes the safety and prep for the return trip.  On top of that I’m looking at about $300 for the flight up there, $300 for hotels on the way back down and sundry costs (gas, food, ferry, etc).  Lets say another $300.  Forty four hundred bucks for the DRZ I’m looking for and an insane road trip to boot from The North?  Sounds like a fun weekend!

If I had more disposable income I’d be dangerous!