2021 Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival

TMFF kicks off this weekend and, after a year of only fully remote streamed films they’re also doing live showings in theatres again. Back in 2019 in the glorious ignorance of the pre-pandemic we went down to Hamilton to watch a live screening of some of that year’s top films.  It was a great night out in a theatre full of russling motorcycle gear (pretty much everyone in the audience rode to the theatre).  I’d like to go for a ride to see films live but with my government turning me into Typhoid Mary I don’t think it prudent to share my burst pandemic bubble with others.  Fortunately, TMFF is still doing home-streaming and they’re showing one I’ve been looking forward to by Leaving Home Funktion‘s:  972 Breakdowns:  On the Landway to New York:
The technical setup is straightforward and they even shared a test-your-connection link this week so I know it won’t be frustrating when I sit down to enjoy this adventure.
The list of films this year is long and distinguished.  If you’re in Ontario you can watch them in the theatre if you’ve been missing that, but if you’re still in a defensive posture with COVID you can also just stream to your home.
In a year where I’m missing extended riding trips and feeling very much trapped by my circumstances, the chance to follow Leaving Home Funktion on their adventure across the world will feel like a much needed breath of fresh air.

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