Riding Construction: How to Make a Mint Not Doing Anything

I took the Tiger for a ride to the big blue yesterday (that’s Georgian Bay around here).  It was about 300kms and involved no less than 3 completely closed roads causing turnbacks and over half an hour waiting on the ‘open’ ones…

South Western Ontario has closures
all over the place, and even Toronto
has lost the plot
.  If you can’t cash in
on a lapse in infrastructure spending
by provincial governments by taking
more contracts than you can serve,
you’re doing it wrong.

Each photo is 15 seconds apart, there are 35 photos in that animated gif – making that a 9 minute wait to get through the construction (who didn’t have the personnel to manage a four way intersection though that didn’t stop them from digging it up).  It seems that there is a construction boom happening in Ontario but with very little oversight from our new and improved, stripped back government.  As everyone bellies up to the public money trough, lots of these projects are sitting dormant.

I was turned back multiple times yesterday by road closures that had no activity evident at them.  The ones that were open were short on people for traffic management and weren’t in full production either.  I know it isn’t a comfortable thought, but we’re still unable to leverage our human resources with an ongoing pandemic.  Doesn’t stop the construction companies from cashing in though.

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