Turning Tedium Into Adventure

It was actually warmer this month than it was last as I headed over to Erin for a monthly meeting.  I thought I’d had my last ride then, but instead I’m still at it as November begins.

The commute in to work starts
before sunrise these days, it’s
often below zero.

Since we haven’t had daylight savings time yet it was already past sunset at 6:30 as I headed out.  Coming back late it was a starry sky that kept me company.  While riding through an inky black countryside full of skeletal trees, a bright flash suddenly lit everything up as a fireball burned across the Milky Way.  Never would have seen that in a car. Riding a bike is awesome.

I was asked why I’d keep riding as winter approaches.  The answer is simple.  Driving a car over to Erin and back is ninety minutes of tedious commuting.  Riding the bike over and back turns it into an adventure.  Just because something is easier doesn’t mean it’s better.  I’m going to miss the adventure when the snow flies.

Trying out some unusual angles with the 360Fly.


It has snowed the week before on River Road.
There are large patches of sand all along the road.
Not to mention the wet leaves… exciting!

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